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Navigating business disputes, legal or family issues can be time-consuming and taxing on all parties involved. Even simple matters can sometimes take years to reach a resolution in court, and often the underlying issues causing the initial dispute still remain, creating the potential for similar problems to arise in the future. We have a better solution. 

Using a mediator is an effective way to resolve conflict without entering into litigation. As a third party who is neutral and independent, a mediator can create a dialogue between all parties, so that they each have an opportunity to discuss their issues, clear up misunderstandings, and find areas of agreement in ways that would never be possible in court.

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You can solve the problem. I can help.

Mediation can bring successful resolution for:

  • Commercial/partnership disputes

  • Workplace conflict

  • Family and marital issues

Why mediation?

Mediation is a viable, affordable, and efficient way to eliminate conflicts and help disagreeing parties reach resolutions. When commenced early on, mediation can help defuse a situation – before it becomes a far more complex problem.

At Ascent Mediation, we specialize in providing mediation services that are:

Cost effective and efficient

Mediation saves money and takes considerably less time than filing litigation. Many disputes can be resolved in just one or two sessions with your mediator.

Fair and impartial

As a non-biased, third party, your mediator has no vested interest in your dispute, and is available to help ensure that both sides have an equal say.

Fostering cooperation and communication

Mediation affords a neutral, confidential setting for parties to work together, discuss their views and offer solutions. Enhanced communication and cooperation provides more mutually satisfying results.

Personalized and effective

Mediation not only works to resolve the conflict, but to identify and understand the underlying issues that caused it, and work on ways to overcome them in the future.

Eliminates the unknown

Judicial outcomes can be uncertain. Mediation remedies this problem by allowing both parties to come together and devise an agreement, based on terms that they decide upon.

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