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André Politzer


Business Profile

Fluent in English, French

A compassionate multicultural approach, inspired by a 25-year career with high-performance organizations such as SAP, Discover Card, NBA, AARP, ADP, L'Oréal, Bayer... (English-French). My journey with clients is about discovering who they want to be and how they will concretely step into that version of the best of themselves authentically, moving forward.

My story

I was born and raised in Paris and moved to the U.S. more than 20 years ago. My executive career focused on business development and positioning innovative technologies in vertical markets worldwide. For more than 25 years, I was fueled by a passion for human development to build a multicultural career in Europe and North America. I implemented a coaching leadership style to create high-performance teams, which led me to coach.

I support members to be the best of who they are, maximizing their work-life balance in their journey. As leaders, they work on a mission to inspire others with authenticity giving to all a great sense of purpose and stability.

My coaching is informed by 15 years of experience at organizations such as SAP, Discover Card, NBA, AARP, and Bayer, as well as smaller organizations and start-ups. I have worked with clients in a variety of industries including finance, hospitality and travel, high-tech and digital media, food and beverage, healthcare, entertainment, retail, and transportation. My specialties include effective communication, change management, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

I am a certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach by The University of Texas at Dallas and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by The International Coach Federation (ICF). I earned an MBA from the University of Paris IX Dauphine and a Master of Science from the Institute International of Hospitality Management in Glion, Switzerland.

My Philosophy

I prioritize family and ethical integrity in all aspects of life, including work. I believe in the servant leadership approach and in everyone's potential to reach greatness. Work is part of life and can be fun and productive. Leadership is all about sharing purpose and inspiring others.

Each human is an entire and complex universe. Work dynamics, corporate cultures, and day-to-day challenges can be highly challenging -- which is why it helps to have a partner along the way. My journey with clients is about discovering who they are, who they want to be, and how they will concretely step into that version of themselves moving forward.

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André on National Speakers

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Success stories in

Their words

André Politzer is a fantastic executive coach. We met during a difficult career transition and the lowest point in my career. With his guidance, I emerged an even better leader. André focused my efforts to deliver the greatest returns. His coaching was key to positioning myself for “what’s next” and being confident to deliver. Through my work with André, I was able to distill my “superpowers” which are those rare skills I do better than anyone else. I encourage you to connect with André to uncover your superpowers. You will get there through open dialogue with Andre, digging deep within, and doing the work. The results are very worth it. Good journey!

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Commercial Director

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